Marine Biology




This course is a detailed study of marine life, processes, and organisms. Topics include: ocean composition and regions, biological kingdoms, invertebrates, vertebrates, ecosystems, and microscope studies. Students will dissect the following: clam, starfish, shark, squid, lamprey, octopus, sea cucumber, and urchin. The goal of this lab is to inspire students to love and protect God’s fantastic creation of marine organisms.


Lecture/Discussion/Experiment format

Module Quizzes, Mid-Term, and Final are given in lab

Research Presentation required

Field Trips: Sea World, Galveston, & Port Aransas


Suggested Age: 14-18


Biology I


Required Materials

-Exploring Creation With Marine Biology, 2nd Edition by Sherri Seligson (just the textbook)

-The Marine Biology Coloring Book, 2nd Edition by Thomas M Niesen

-Marine Biology Lab Manual Course Supplement:

-Set of 24 Colored Pencils

-Binder or notebook with dividers for:

  • Lab Sheets
  • Homework
  • Quizzes
  • Extra Credit