Math 4/5




This is the first course in the sequence which moves students through three years of math in two years. This sequence can help a student catch up, or help ensure that a student gets to calculus by age 16. Elementary Math 4/5 is the final step in completing the learning objectives for elementary mathematics. It also begins the process of mastering transition topics. During the course of Elementary Math 4/5, students will complete the following:


Final Mastery of Four Basic Operations

Introduction of Measurement

Introduction of Geometry

Introduction of Number Lines

Introduction of Missing Number Problems


Suggested Age: 9-11


A-Beka 3 (or something equivalent)

Required Materials

  • A-Beka Arithmetic 4 – 4th Edition Work-text
  • A-Beka Arithmetic 4 – 4th Edition Tests & Speed Drills
  • A-Beka Arithmetic 4 – 4th Edition Answer Keys for Text, Tests, & Speed Drills
  • Elementary Math 4/5 Course Supplement from ODA bookstore:

  • Ruler
  • Three-ring binder containing “Math Notes” (supplement) and plenty of loose-leaf paper
  • Folder labeled “Tests”